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About “Tact Nexus Group”
‘Tact’ represents the capability to handle difficult situations with extra care. ‘Nexus’ represents diversity of connections. TNG keep adapting to the surrounding circumstances, which keep moving. Our wish is to architect variety of circles.

TNG produce creative solutions based on people’s needs. We analyse phenomena with sharp insight, and read the next trend adequately. And we always suggest cutting-edge ideas, and operate accordingly.
Tact Nexus Group Identities.

What TNG Do
Sports Consulting:
Offering management and advice for individuals, sporting bodies and business entities, who carry out sports-related projects.

Marketing and PR Consulting:
Planning and executing strategies for individuals and entities, who require sending out right messages to the right targets.

Brand Consulting:
Providing tailor-made solutions for brands, who set out boosting image. Offering advice on how to develop successful products and services.

Market Research:
Conducting research in certain Market with local and global knowledge, and write reports, and draw strategies based on people’s needs. And attending staffs who visit the markets to study closely.

CSR Activity and Event Management:
Planning and managing Corporate Social Responsibility activities on behalf of business and other entities. Arranging various events and offering necessary logistics.

Creating website, applications, footage, photography, graphic design, writing and translation.

Education Consulting:
Operating international education programmes for various subjects such as sports, arts and languages. And advising on overseas-education for individuals and institutes.

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Japanese Minimalism Art Movement.SPACE Culture & Entertainment
Japanee Minimalism Art Movement “minirism”

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World’s first Football for men & women!SPACE Culture & Entertainment
Propulsive Football (PROBALL) Identities.

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SPACE Culture & Entertainment
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Science Fiction (Sci-Fi).

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Tact Nexus Group Prospectus

It’s been long since the bubble economy bursted and sense of stagnation covers, society is becoming increasingly difficult for young people to have future hopes in Japan. There unprecedented catastrophe, Tohoku-Kanto Earthquake occurred. The whole country fell into chaos, and some of the children affected by the disaster have lost the facial expression due to trauma. Human and material losses may not come back, however, emotional loss can be recovered by the efforts of society. We believe that people can bounce back if mind get reestablished.

The world situation is chaotic and serious problems, such as food shortages, are abound. To resolve, for example, environmental pollution and poverty eradication, not just to appeal the circumstances, but it is necessary that people actually shift to their behaviours, and transform the diagram of the negative spiral. To do so, we think that the creation of innovative international sense and the constructing various values are essential.

We believe that arts and sports have immeasurable power to impress and energise not only in economy, but people’s physique, mind, and whole society. We shall offer society vitality and moisture by aiding and presenting the infinite possibilities to young people globally, who may have lost hopes. If there is a purpose in life, you can maintain mind enriched even if economically in difficulties. We shall aid not only materially, but create the significances that people live for. And together, we shall seek means for people to subsist. Through these activities globally, we shall encourage the exchange of people, materials and values, and eliminate the numerous conflicts, to build an environment in which people can live more happily. In order to embody the aspirations, it was led to projecting the establishment of Tact Nexus Group. We would like you to bestow your approbation on these purposes, therefore express the strong determination with this prospectus.

Takuya Nagata, Founder
11th of August 2011
(5 month memorial day of the Tsunami Disaster in Japan, where more than 20,000 lives were lost)